In Darkness: Prototype v2

Work is well underway with the second iteration of the prototype.  There are so many changes being made to the game and I’m really quite excited to see how my testers are going to respond to the changes.

Also, I am now officially looking for a 2D artist\animator!  If someone knows someone wanting to work on a game project, please direct them to the following ad:

Stealth/Horror Game needs 2D Artist/Animator

Looking for:

2D artist/animator proficient in Pixel Art


* Able to commit 15-20 hours a week

* Previous game development experience required, formal or informal, complete or incomplete.

* Passion for trying to bridge the gap between great narratives and solid gameplay.

* Can deliver an artistic style similar to the following image:

About me:

My name is Eric, and I’m a double major in Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley.  Currently, I am the programmer/designer/writer for this project.

About the game:

My aim is to create a cohesive 2-3 hour experience centered on an evocative non-linear story-focused atmosphere. The perspective that this game will use will be similar to the pseudo top-down styles utilized by games such as Chrono Trigger and Terranigma.  A prototype has been finished and the design document just finished its third revision.  Work on the second iteration of the prototype is well underway, and over the next several months I hope to iterate the prototype one more time and finish work on one of five areas.

Notable gameplay features include a mechanic which allows players to customize their approach to stealth, and a dialog choice system which not only changes the story, but dramatically changes the player’s approach to the game.

This game is currently being developed for the PC using the Torque Game Builder engine.

Contact information:

Please e-mail me at eric (dot) paik (at) gmail (dot) com if interested.  Include portfolio links and relevant work.

Thanks for reading!



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