looks like we’ll know if androids dream of electric sheep

Seriously, this creeps me out:

But there’s no getting around the awkward facts of the former Bell Labs Artificial Intelligence researcher’s creations: Roxxxy and Rocky are a couple of talking, touch-sensitive, anatomically-correct sex robots. The thing that separates them from their inflated and silicon brethren are their personalities, Hines says.

“What we’re trying to do here is replicate many emotional states,” Hines tells me. “Not just erotic, but also laughing, sleeping, you know, tired, all of those. You cannot create the intonations in a computer generated program to make it sound like somebody is tired, so we had to build a library of voice files that provide what is required to create the level of realism we are looking for.”

There’s something I find inherently distasteful about simulations and other pieces of technology that attempt to recreate life in a digital setting.  I think it has to do with the fact that I like to believe that I am not the just the sum of all the arcane laws of science.  That I am not something that can be deterministically reproduced once we fully know the workings of our bodies, minds, and environment.


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