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Second Iteration Complete!

Wow, huge milestone done.  I still have a hard time believing I just sent out versions of this to be tested.  Feels surreal.

Some things I’ve learned from this experience:

– Perfectionism is a goddamn monkey on my back and I need to find it some bananas to keep it occupied until the polish stage.

– Everything must be tested is a mantra I need to chant to myself on a daily basis.

– Don’t make any assumptions about how things work.  Lift the hood and start poking around.

– Collision Detection makes me asplode.

– I have an issue with deadlines slipping.  I need to plan and execute faster.

– I love doing this sort of thing. =D

More later.


“Ball in a Cup” Technology

(click on image for article)

“Mind Flex” is a new toy being hawked by Mattel that allows you to control the pictured ball with the power of your mind.  Essentially, you place the headset over your cranium and then using the sheer force of your massive brain, you direct the ball through various obstacles.  Check out the article for a demonstration video.

I thought two things immediately when I saw this:

1) The future is here.  Okay, baby step to the future, but still pretty neat-o.

2) This is the most pointless thing I have ever seen.

As far as design principles go, this ranks right up with catching a ball in a cup and bouncing a ball off a paddle.  Granted, this is a toy probably meant to be sold to the screaming 8-year old masses, and thus probably wasn’t designed to be all that  deep.  But that doesn’t change the fact that in the end it doesn’t mean anything.  It’s a reminder that technology without proper design is a glittering lure.  Design gives technology a purpose.

Then I thought, “this device reminds me so much of how I feel when I play games these days: hollow”.  When will we no longer be content with jumping through digital hoops?


In Darkness: Prototype v2

Work is well underway with the second iteration of the prototype.  There are so many changes being made to the game and I’m really quite excited to see how my testers are going to respond to the changes.

Also, I am now officially looking for a 2D artist\animator!  If someone knows someone wanting to work on a game project, please direct them to the following ad:

Stealth/Horror Game needs 2D Artist/Animator

Looking for:

2D artist/animator proficient in Pixel Art


* Able to commit 15-20 hours a week

* Previous game development experience required, formal or informal, complete or incomplete.

* Passion for trying to bridge the gap between great narratives and solid gameplay.

* Can deliver an artistic style similar to the following image:

About me:

My name is Eric, and I’m a double major in Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley.  Currently, I am the programmer/designer/writer for this project.

About the game:

My aim is to create a cohesive 2-3 hour experience centered on an evocative non-linear story-focused atmosphere. The perspective that this game will use will be similar to the pseudo top-down styles utilized by games such as Chrono Trigger and Terranigma.  A prototype has been finished and the design document just finished its third revision.  Work on the second iteration of the prototype is well underway, and over the next several months I hope to iterate the prototype one more time and finish work on one of five areas.

Notable gameplay features include a mechanic which allows players to customize their approach to stealth, and a dialog choice system which not only changes the story, but dramatically changes the player’s approach to the game.

This game is currently being developed for the PC using the Torque Game Builder engine.

Contact information:

Please e-mail me at eric (dot) paik (at) gmail (dot) com if interested.  Include portfolio links and relevant work.

Thanks for reading!



In Darkness: Current Goals

Current Target Milestone:  Build prototype level that explores core gameplay mechanic.

In order to meet those goals:

1.  Prototype level sketch must be finalized.

2.  Pathing logic needs to be reworked to allow NPCs to dynamically detach themselves from path and then return to that exact spot on their current route.

3.  Sound must be implemented for certain events in the game.

Just three things out of a very long list of many other things to do and tweak.


In Darkness: Ruminations

To those unfamiliar with the happenings of my private life, I am currently working on making a game.  As of now, it is a solo effort until I have enough work to prove to someone (such as an artist) that I have the wherewithal to finish this project.  I’m shooting for this to be in a “done” state by the end of this year, though a fully polished state will probably take more time.

While this is not my first attempt at a project, I have to say this is probably my best attempt so far.  It has always been my position that making games requires an set of skills that is extreme in its breadth and depth.  One must also consider how all the different aspects of gameplay design, story, art, music, sound, etc. all intermesh and combine into one cohesive experience.  Working on games though has shown me just how much there is to consider when it comes to this medium.  It really is quite humbling.

That being said, I feel that this is the best way to learn.  Nothing beats self-experimentation in my book.


this is not the might and magic I once knew

What part of this deserves to be called Might and Magic?

My issue with this isn’t so much that the gameplay looks bad or anything like that.  It’s mainly the contrast between my childhood memories of this long standing series being juxtaposed with this. . . “reboot”.

It’s like a friend from middle school reappeared on my door step with a boob job, sex change, face lift, and decided to do that ulzzang thing.  Honestly, did they really have to use the IP like this?  How much of a marketing benefit do they think is going to come from “reinvisioning” the series like this?


Murder Simulators Need Love Too

Because apparently the future is filled with peace and wuv.

Normally I avoid reading Kotaku.  Mainly because when I do, my blood pressure rises and then I need to go lie down.  But things like this are nice to hear.

I might not like/agree with what Bioware does, but they do quality work.  It should be interesting to see what evolves from this.

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